Reiki & Pranic Healing Sessions

Reiki, wellbeing, relaxation, stress, trauma, healing, common ailments, better sleep

 Reiki Session

60 to 75mn | 45 euros


  • calms the body and mind .

  • restores balance in the body.

  • supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

  • compliments medical treatments.

  • reduces drugs side effects.

  • helps recover after surgery or chemotherapy.

  • supports during pregnancy.

  • alleviates pain in the body.

  • increases vitality.

  • helps with acute and chronic problems / addictions.

  • comforts at the end of life.

  • but not limited to the above...

Pranic Healing:

  • can relieve headaches, gas pains, toothache, fever and muscle pains

  • cough and cold can be cured

  • loose bowel movement, stomach pain can be healed

  • Illnesses such an eye, liver, kidney and heart problems can be relieved in a few sessions

  • helps with skin infections

  • alleviates respiratory infections

  • reduces high cholesterol

  • increases the rate of healing by three times or more than the normal rate of healing


Pranic Healing

45 - 70mn | 45 euros

  • Should you not be able to meet for distance or time reasons, Reiki & Pranic Healing can be directed/sent to you.

  • I usually need details such as date of birth, full name and location (no street name, town is enough).

  • During a session, we would to synchronize our time. You should be in a comfortable position within a peaceful environment.

  • Once done we communicate by Phone, Skype or Email to discuss outcomes.

Distance Reiki or
Pranic Healing

45 mn | 40 euros


Staying in good physical, emotional & spiritual health, it is important to maintain a balance of energy between Chakras (energy centers).

Personal Outcome:

Grounded, serene and collected

health, balance, whole, calm, spirtual, body

Chakra Balancing

30 mn | 30 euros