Reiki means “Universal Life Force Energy”, It was introduced by Dr. Mikao Usui and brought to the rest of the world by Dr. Chijuro Hayashi & Mrs Hawayo Takata.

Reiki is a Japanese Technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes Healing. It is a natural method administered through laying-on of hands to channel energy to another person helping to cleanse negative or blocked energies from the body and mind.

Reiki is used as a complementary therapy and proposed for the treatment of physical, emotional and mental ailments.

Over the last 20 years new methods and styles of Reiki have emerged even though all are based on Usui's original method. Changes such as, the integration of new teaching, new symbols, different attunements, or sometimes adding personal names and peculiarities.

I am a Reiki Usui Master-Teacher

All Reiki levels' certifications were obtained in the Philippines (lineage available on Request).

  • calms the body and mind
  • restores balance in the body
  • supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself
  • compliments medical treatments
  • reduces drugs side effects
  • help recover after surgery or chemotherapy
  • supports during pregnancy
  • alleviates pain in the body
  • increases vitality
  • helps with acute and chronic problems / addictions
  • comforts at the end of life
to name a few...
What are
the Benefits of Reiki?