Pranic Healing

What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic Healing:

The science and art of using energy to heal the body.

Pranic Healing has been practiced since ancient times and kept secret from the general public, but it was discovered and modernized by Master Choa Kok Sui.

It was through his tireless research and validation that led Pranic Healing to become a viable practice with consistent healing results.


All things are made of energy. Yet if there are disturbances to the energy bodies of an individual, 'dis-ease' will follow.

What Pranic Healing does is to cleanse, energize and balance the energy systems, thereby promoting wellness and good health on all levels... physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

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For life to exist, the body must have Prana (energy)

The human body is capable of healing itself in ways that are imperceptible to us. Even if you suffer from minor wound or have a high fever, your body will heal itself eventually.

However, Pranic Healing can hasten this process, using Prana to increase the speed of recovery.

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For Wellness, Richness & Environmental Care

To Improve Production

To enhance quality and nutritive value of the Products

To anchor prosperity, abundance and success in agriculture business

most suited for Organic, Bio dynamic and natural culture)


  • Besides the physical aspect, Pranic Healing also works on the mental, emotional and psychological aspects of the ailment.

  • Pranic Healing works on the problem from the root cause and not merely on the effects, hence it is holistic.


  • Pranic Healing can also be used as preventive therapy.


  • Pranic Healing has no side effects. It is a no-touch technique hence it is painless therapy.


  • Improve the energy field and atmosphere in your room, home, office or environment.

  • Boost your physical, emotional, and mental strength, confidence and vitality.


  • Neutralize and remove energies that are harmful and adverse to you well-being


  • Use Pranic Healing techniques to facilitate faster materialization of plans, business ventures and projects.


  • Cleanse and energize food, medicine, personal effects and other items.

  • Disintegrate negative thought forms that you have generated of have been projected to you by others.



Pranic Psychotherapy helps with:

  • addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs),

  • depression, trauma

  • hysteria, autism

  • grief, anger

  • obsession

  • compulsion and stress.

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