About Gérald

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Behind the path of Healing,


I have always been curious to find ways to relief myself from aches and pains as if modern medicine was not available.

Through life's experiences and the practice of Yoga, Meditation, Acupressure and Energy works, I found some kind of balance and unusual ease with how life was unfolding.

I was given chances to travel and work in several countries in Middle East, Asia, and of course Europe, discovering one after another, their ways of life from the simplest to the pain staking complicated or rather my inabilities to understand them !

Since 2012, encounters with Energy Workers & Mediums, eye-opening books and further self-development with Reiki Master, Pranic Healing and International Organisation (focusing on Energy Psychology) made me realized the path I should be taking, Healing myself and assisting others in their search of well-being.

After 20+ years in the hospitality industry, i have now made this transition.

Strong believer in the Human Body's ability to heal itself, the Energy channeled helps our immune system & brings serenity and relief to our ailments, Emotional and Physical. This energy is also called Ki, Qi, Prana, Healing Energy, Healing Vibrations, Healing light, etc...

The name might differ but this vital energy is widespread through many cultures & religions around the globe.

With ReiQiMotion, my intentions are to assist others and share tools for a healthier and happier everyday.

Do contact me so to exchange a point of view, discuss further your body's ability to heal itself or inquire about a session or a group workshop.

Bien à vous,


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